Origins (2018/2019)

"Origins," a humbling exposition of the human condition, reveals the blatant similarities between us all. The work is a study of the genesis of our most familiar habits. Four characters question the battling personas of their most defining neuroses, and what it means to move forward having confronted a greater truth. The dancers sometimes exist as four parts of a single entity, and at other times they interact as four people forging parallel journeys. While the piece began as a neuroses-riddled spoken word score reflected through a quirky movement language, the feedback we have received indicates that a deeper sense of intellectual belonging and identity emerges from the humorous tone. 

The aim of the work is to cultivate intimacy and shared experience in a safe, lighthearted space, amidst a society that often airs on the side of fear and isolation. The comedic accessibility of the narrative ultimately generates a clearer perception of a common identity despite varying backgrounds: no matter the circumstances or viewpoint, we are all cut from the same cloth, we have all visited these places, and we must all walk each other home.

Videos by Jake Kruty

Photography by Effy Grey